The Coolest, But Weirdest, Tech From CES 2021

CES – the biggest and influential tech event in the world – was a little different this year – a sis the case for most trade shows as the pandemic continues, but it still went ahead, simply in virtual form.

CES always showcases its share of cool, fascinating, and sometimes just plain bonkers tech every year. We’re concentrating on the latter today because it’s always fun to see projects that are a little off the wall and wonder how future technology might be affected. And we’re pretty sure CES 2021’s weirdest tech will not disappoint you, as it didn’t us.

Mojo Vision Lens AR Contact Lenses

These contact lenses bring tech right to your eyeball. They can display, via microelectronics, all kinds of useful information in your field of vision. Once you put the lenses in they can show you things like directions, the weather, or notes for an important presentation. It’s literally like having a cheat sheet for your eyes and a lot easier to wear than Google Glass.

Razer Project Brooklyn Concept Gaming Chair

Every gamer who sees this almost faints, and for good reason. This really is – or it would be if it were more than just a far off production concept – the best gaming chair ever.

In a single piece of tech, it’s almost a gaming rig by itself. A 60″ rollout OLED emerges from the back of the chair at just the touch of a button. A collapsible table stowed inside has modular 4D armrests, allowing you to move easily between console and PC gaming. And you’ll feel every bump, strike, and explosion with Razer HyperSense Technology embedded into the chair’s structure.

WOWCube System Handheld Game

A brand new take on the old Rubik’s, the WOWCube System Handheld Game is another of the weirdest, but coolest gadgets from CES 2021. It features 24 high-resolution screens and eight autonomous modules. It also has a built-in CPU and multiple magnetic connectors. And, since it’s made with an open API and SDK, you can even develop new games to play on it.


THe MOFLIN AI Robot Pet is, in many ways, the 21st century evolution of the Tamagotchi. During lockdowns lots of people have decided to make a furry friend a new member of the family. But not everyone has a landlord who is agreeable to that, and for them, the MOFLIN AI Robot Pet may be an interesting alternative.

This AI powered furry ? (it’s hard to tell what it is) is very close to a real furry friend though.Thanks to an algorithm which analyzes changes in its environment through sensors, it grows and develops its own emotions.

Over time, this little pet becomes attached to its owner and, through a range of sweet sounds and gestures, communicates its feelings towards you. Those feelings will not include asking for kibble and bones though, so that may be another plus over the real thing for some!

Samsung Bot Handy Smart Home Robot

Speaking of AI, and lockdowns, how would you like your own robot butler too? Though the idea is not new (Rosie the Robot arrived over 50 years ago) this one is as cool as it is strange. It can do all the things you would want a home robot to do; wash dishes, clear up a messy kid’s room, pour wine and more. Bot Handy completes these impressive tasks and more thanks to advanced AI that helps it recognize and pick up objects of different sizes, weights, and shapes.